Not So Easy Breezy

The only things you have to worry about when being a lifeguard are sun bathing, and watching the water to make sure no one is drowning. Wrong, there is a little bit more to the job than that. Tons of pool maintenance and facility maintenance is involved along with meetings every Friday that include a bit of skill practice and a whole lot of swimming. You’d think that one wouldn’t mind the water with this job but I hate getting wet, so swimming is my least favorite part of this profession. Before we start swimming, the lane lines have to be changed from fifty meters to twenty-five meters. They are also known as long course and short course. After that, everyone gets together for a brief meeting to talk about any updates at the different pool facilities. Then, once the lane lines are situated and the meeting is out of the way, the swimming portion begins. Everyone is expected to do a timed, three-hundred-meter swim with no breaks. Then another form of water exercise is to be completed such as treading for five minutes straight. It doesn’t sound like a long time but when you’re the one treading it feels like a lifetime. The next part is reviewing CPR, then practicing rescues with each other and CPR on a dummy. Last but not least, deep cleaning the entire facility. Although it sounds ridiculous there was a time that even the pool deck was moped; Not a fun time.