Event After Event

Big events are fun, but when the same thing is happening over and over again with little to no change it becomes a bore and tedious. Swim meets are only fun when you are swimming in the meet. When you are constantly on the side lines just watching the same four strokes happen again and again, you would rather kill yourself. Each meet is divided into a million different parts called events and in each event the boys and girl race against their own sexes while performing a specific stroke. Free style, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke; Freestyle is the simplest stroke where one arm follows another in a what looks like a windmill motion while your legs are constantly kicking behind you. Breaststroke is a more of a resting stroke where your legs kick in unison like a frog and your arms pull water towards you and shoot back out together as you kick. The butterfly stroke is the most tiring stroke where you move both arms in a windmill motion at the same time while kicking both legs together like a mermaid. Backstroke is just like freestyle but on your back with your arms reaching over your head and pulling water down towards your legs. Since there are so many people who swim in each event it takes two hours or more. After it is over, all involved in the swim meet leave a giant mess behind made special for the lifeguards to clean up and that’s when the fun actually begins.


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