Seasonal Situation

Being a summer guard, or seasonal guard, is equal to being a grunt. This position is the lowest of the low when it comes to life guarding because the only things involved are custodial work, and guarding the patrons in the pool and on the pool deck. Usually one starts off as a seasonal guard and works their way up to a leader one, then a leader two, and so on until they stay long enough to maybe become a site supervisor or higher. Sometimes, it can take more than one or two summers to become a leader one. Luckily, it only took me one season. Along with custodial work and guarding, seasonal guards also get audited. In an audit a number of things can be portrayed as a “victim”: A red ball, a silhouette, a shadow dummy, a “Timmy” doll, and even one of the higher ups can jump in and play dead. Whatever or whomever the victim is has to be recognized and pulled out of the water in thirty seconds or less, then one would begin the steps in saving the victim’s life. The audits are put in place to practice for a real situation in case anything was to happen. Me, myself was never audited as a summer guard but I was always on my toes and ready for action.



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